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Korea Climate and Environment Network Green Printer

  • Green Office is

    a low-carbon, eco-friendly life-practicing software that can be used both in businesses and at home.
    Green Office consists of “Green Touch” and “Green Printer.”

    Green TouchGreen Touch
    Green PrinterGreen Printer
  • What is Green Printer?

    Green Printer is freeware that promotes printing black-and-white on both sides of the paper.
    By using Green Printer, paper and printing costs can be saved. Moreover, it can realize a low-carbon, eco-friendly life by cutting down the emissions generated when producing paper.

  • Saving paper and reducing carbon!
    Green Printer

    9,600 sheets of paper are consumed per person at firms emitting 28kg of CO2.
    Green Printer reduces it by 50%, which has the same effect of planting five trees.

    • PC

      Annual use of Green Printer by one person

    • =
    • Power Plants

      five trees

Item Effect Note
Paper consumption per day for
general printing
Forty sheets of paper
forty sheets of paper used in one-side printing
Paper consumption per
day with Green Printer
Twenty sheets of paper
twenty sheets of paper used in two-side printing
If printed on both sides
for all documents
Paper savings per day
with Green Printer
Twenty sheets of paper
fifty percent savings compared to general printing
Carbon reduction per day
with Green Printer
= twenty sheets of paper x 2.88g-CO2
Amount of carbon emissions per A4 paper
= 2.88g-CO2
Annual paper savings with Green Printer 4,800 papers
= 20 sheets of paper x 240 days
Annual average of days attended
= 240 days
Annual Carbon Savings 48.53kg
= 0.424kg-CO2 x 114.48kWh
Carbon emissions per kW
= 0.424kg-CO2 / kW
Annual carbon reduction with Green Printer 13.824kg-CO2
= 4,800 papers x 2.88g-CO2
Annual savings with Green Printer 163,200won
= 4,800 papers x 34won
Per one A4 paper
Paper cost 7won
Printing cost 27won
Total Price: 34won